Death of a Salesman

  • On May 23, 2017
  Last week another great retail chain closed its doors for good.  HHGregg was a brand which had built its fortune in the days when customer care and high profit margins walked together hand in hand.  However, the brand found it hard to adapt to the new era of retail experience. With the collapse of […]
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On the Rise: Co-Working Spaces

  • On May 16, 2017
There is no doubt that the advancement of technology has driven a lot of changes in the world of commercial real estate.  For office buildings, it has caused a drop in tenancy across the board.  With the ability to fill staff positions without filling square footage, many office tenants have seen the remote workplace as […]
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The Impact of the French Election on US Lenders

  • On May 10, 2017
Earlier this week, U.S. economists, investors, lenders, and political enthusiasts were able to wake up and breathe of sigh of relief.  Sunday’s French presidential elections closed with Emmanuel Macron claiming victory as the youngest president in French history. With Macron’s win over Marine Le Pen many economists are predicting stability in the European Union (E.U.) […]
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April or October?

  • On March 29, 2017
Spring is here!  Birds are nesting, flowers are starting to bloom, and Uncle Sam is warming up his calculator.  For the majority of Americans, springtime marks the beginning of tax season and the time crunch in which to file federal tax returns by the April deadline.  But, for those who invest in commercial real estate, […]
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Is America's Retail Sector Dying?

  • On February 28, 2017
Is America’s retail sector dying?  With the announcement that another big box retail brand will be closing over 100 locations across the country, it certainly looks like the country has fallen out of love with large retail centers. Per an announcement by JC Penney CEO Marvin Ellison, this past Friday, it was confirmed that the […]
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#NationalMargaritaDay and the Rise of the Tequilería

  • On February 22, 2017
Here at the Commercial Academy, we are celebrating.  Why are we celebrating?  Because today is February 22nd – National Margarita Day.  You might be wondering why as commercial real estate investors, mentors, and educators we would be interested in this social media holiday, but we have good reason: The possibility of signing a tequilería as […]
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Be Our Valentine: 3 Restaurant Trends We LOVE

  • On February 14, 2017
It’s Valentine’s day- the second busiest day for restaurants in the United States, next to Mother’s Day.  On average, U.S. citizens will spend a total of $4.5 billion on dining across the country with an average price of $87.00 to over $200.00 per couple. For those of us who make their living in commercial real […]
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Finding the Next Comeback City

  • On February 8, 2017
Today there is a lot of talk about “comeback cities.”  For commercial real estate investors seeking long-term value-add investments, these areas are prime markets to acquire new assets.  Why?  Because properties in these markets can be acquired at low initial costs when the market is in a downturn before being sold off for higher returns […]
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Throw me an anchor, or two

  • On February 3, 2017
In the world of commercial real estate, retail centers are an income-producing approach to buying commercial real estate in any market.  This property type is easy to both manage and finance. And, in this category, there is nothing better than a center with an established anchor tenant. A great anchor tenant will generate a stream […]
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