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Hi, I'm Kevin Colon from San Diego, California. For the first time I heard Scott speaks I was really impressed by the guy.

He's knowledgeable, he knows his craft and he speaks very direct to the point and I really appreciate that because a lot of speakers at similar seminars don't do that. He was very low on the rah rah portion and very high on direct useful practical information. Helps me do what I do.

Discuss opportunity evaluated and central to helping me do what I do. Its quantitative and helps quantify all the variables that are important. When you go to evaluate or not the commercial real estate deals worth doing and in addition its really really helpful.

Kevin Conlon – San Diego, CA
128 Unit High-Rise Apartment Building in Memphis TN
$230,000 Cash at Closing
Anticipated Profits of $6,500,000 in about 10 years


Jillian Herfurth – Cambridge Ontario
8 Unit Apartment Building in Cambridge, Ontario
$36,000 Cash at Closing for Repair Credits
Positive Cash Flow from the first day of ownership

Kevin Wittenauer – Coal Valley, IL
48000 square foot Class C Industrial Building
Purchase Price $85,000
Seller Financed $15,000
$64k Cash at Closing
Positive Cash Flow
106 Mobil Home Park & Retail Building
Seller Financing
$2 Million in Equity
$10,000/ months Positive Cash Flow after Stabilization.

Timothy Owens-Dana Pointe, CA
Bought 10 Commercial Properties. Changed his Lifestyle Completely
Latest Acquisition: 100 Unit Apartment Complex
$2.8 Million Purchase Price
$325,000 Net Operating Income, 100% Occupied at Closing
$75,000 Cash at Closing,
$800,000in Immediate Equity

Marie Sayour-Brooklyn NY
44,000 Square Foot Industrial Building
Seller Financed
$60,000 Cash Back At Closing
Projected Equity: $900,000
Plan to Hold for 24 Months

Jeremiah Boucher- Las Vegas, NV
Now a Full-Time Commercial Real Estate Investor
Bought Small Retail Building in Las Vegas
Using None of his Money and received $15,000 Cash at Closing
Made $80,000 Profit when he Sold the property within 18 months
Used proceeds to buy a Mobil Home Park that Cash Flows $5,000/ Month

Renee Miller – Seville, OH
Bought Mixed Use Building Comprised of 50 Apartments + 6 Office Spaces
10% Seller Financing
$35,000 Cash Back at Closing
$7000 to $8000 positive cash flow per month and about $200k in Equity

Clay Wooten -Orlando, FL
Used Letter Campaign
12 Unit Apartment Building Downtown Orlando
Assumed the current loan & Seller Financing to buy the property
$200,000 in Equity
Cash Flows Positively

Hello, my name is Clay Wooten from Orlando, Florida.

Well, I've been to seminar after seminar and I knew that real estate investing made no sense for what I wanted to do. It wasn't until I saw Scott speak for the first time.