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This is not our first rodeo! We have helped thousands of students all over the United States, Canada and many other countries to analyze their commercial deals for a decade. Scott and his team have been investing in commercial real estate for over 25 years.
Get coaching from a team you can trust.

Access to the The Opportunity Evaluator Software

Evaluate your commercial real estate deals online and store your deals virtually, so you can access them wherever you have internet access. Our trademarked Opportunity Evaluator Software quickly analyzes your commercial deals. From a quick 7 step evaluation to sort the trash from the treasure to a full blown deal evaluation you have found the tool of your dreams! Save yourself countless hours of time calculating your deals. This software leaves nothing to chance! You know the potential of any commercial deal within minutes! Priceless! Works on any mobile device!

The Opportunity Swap

Great deal, but not for you? Or do you just need a little help? Don’t lose out on the deal. Post it quickly to the Opportunity Swap and have other coaching students help you bring this deal down. Looking what other students are working on? Here is a great place to check.

Knowledge Base

Great education is priceless! Let these downloadable MP3 courses open your mind to new ways on how to invest. You need help working with brokers, or help on how to invest in office buildings… here you go!


The Opportunity Evaluator Software has become industry standard and our students simply love it. If you ever need help, the tutorial on the Member’s only website is always there for you!

Document Library

You need a quick Move-in Checklist? Maybe a Management Agreement? We got you covered! The Document Library offers sample documents so you can quickly, with help of your professional and legal team, get the best documents, without re-inventing the wheel!

Support Center

Can’t remember what CAP rate is? Not sure about 1031 Exchange. Here is your quick and easily accessible Support Center.

What our Platinum Coaching Program is NOT

This coaching program is high-caliber, it is run by professionals and partners of Scott Scheel, all working out of our Cleveland, OH office. We work with your commercial deal. This is not a cookie-cutter approach, not a one-size fits all. It is a one-on-one approach. Our expertise will guide you step by step through the commercial deal you are working on. Each and every deal is different and has different nuances to consider. No pre-recorded webinars or training sessions will be offered, as we work one-on-one with you to get the results you deserve. We are not afraid to tell you when a deal is NOT a good deal, we point out the downsides, the risk and time and resources needed. Sometimes the best deal is the one you didn’t do!

Who should be part of the Platinum Coaching Program?

Anybody investing in Commercial Real Estate that values two decades worth of expertise.

Anybody that knows that one good piece of advice is worth way more than your tuition.
Anybody that values time and resources.

What is your commitment?

Our Platinum Coaching Program is a month-by-month program. Your Membership fee is only $99/ month. With no long-term commitment. Access to this premier Coaching Support is limited, depending on the currently supported client base.

Requirements to join The Platinum Coaching Program

You need to be a student of J. Scott Scheel’s. Education is critical and the coaching program is NOT designed to teach you. It is designed to support you and help put your knowledge into action.