The Complete Commercial Investing Program


In this comprehensive home study resource, J. Scott Scheel presents his proven method of identifying and generating wealth through commercial real estate investing.

The Complete Commercial Investing Program™ Home Study System includes:

  • 9 Full Length Audio CD’s
  • 255 page Study Guide
  • The Opportunity Evaluator Software Standard Edition
  • The Document Library CD-Rom

Upon finishing this program you’ll know:

  • Why you should be investing in commercial property, even if you have no money or credit
  • The advantages of commercial property over residential
  • The four major types of commercial property and the differences between them
  • Considerations you need to be aware of when deciding properties to invest in
  • Six powerful pipelines to keep the deals flowing
  • How to evaluate commercial real estate deals through actual case studies
  • How the bank evaluates properties differently than you as an investor would
  • Why you should become a PIG farmer to create wealth
  • Conservative guidelines for evaluating commercial properties
  • Three powerful formulas you must know
  • Six methods to make money in commercial real estate
  • Seven exit strategies for multiple options to becoming profitable on every deal
  • How to structure seller financing in such a way that sellers are compelled to create a win-win deal with you
  • Nine specific ways to buy commercial real estate using none of your own money
  • How to create win-win offers that get accepted
  • The five contingencies YOU MUST have in your contracts when buying commercial property
  • How to streamline your business and put it back on autopilot so you can repeat you successes time and time again
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