Many real estate investors begin their careers flipping houses. This totally makes sense and is a great way to get into the game of real estate. But after some time in the business, so many single-family home investors face the same thing: the dreaded plateau.

After doing a handful of houses, many investors face the same struggles: the inability to scale for growth, the work to profit ratio becoming imbalanced, the continuous and stressful need to always find the next deal, and so on. Basically, they find single family home investing can only take them so far before they reach limits that are inherent in the business and that prevent them from ever reaching the kinds of profits, passive income, and personal freedom that inspired them to start investing in the first place.

Many investors plateau and stop growing at this point; and even worse, many either burnout, quit, or fail.

But a small handful of shrewd investors take the next step in growing their portfolio and career by moving up to Multi-Family properties. When they begin investing in Apartments they have the realization that those problems causing them to plateau with houses don’t exist at the multi-family level.

They find that there is:

  • Less Work 
    Having multiple units at the same address means less running around, less paper work, standardized layouts, and the ability to hire a property manager
  • Less Competition 
    While everyone is fighting tooth and nail for the next decent house flip, just a small percentage of investors are going after apartments
  • Bigger Paychecks
    Even the smallest apartment deals can earn you $500,000+
  • Better Passive Income
    With apartment deals you can experience true, long-term, passive cash flow that you just can’t achieve with houses.
  • Less Risk 
    If you have 20 houses and 5 are vacant, you are probably in cash flow trouble, if you have 5 vacant units in a 20 unit apartment, you likely still have a positive cash flow

For investors who want to reach this next level, and avoid the dreaded plateau, J. Scott Scheel, the nation’s foremost instructor on Commercial Real Estate investing, has created the Commercial Property Academy – a live, four-day, high-impact, in-depth training event that will show any real estate investor exactly what they need to do to acquire their first Multi-Family Property.

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