COVID-19 has the potential to have an unprecedented financial impact on our economy. In prior emergencies, ambitious proclamations were made promising relief and support, and yet in the end, there was often limited benefit for those who really needed it most. Governmental action on COVID-19 has identified the strength and unique nature of the American workforce. Americans do NOT want to stop working, rather they are being governmentally mandated to stop working.

We all want to do our part to flatten the curve and end the viral threat but we are told that 95% of positive cases will only experience mild to moderate symptoms. Therefore, we must not only protect those at health risk but also those at economic risk. We have a responsibility to protect all called to sacrifice, in order for their futures to be intact at the conclusion of this historic crisis.

The solution is the COVID-19 Moratorium and Forbearance Debt Relief Act (MAFDRA). While this plan has some components similar to others being discussed, MAFDRA goes further in addressing all debt for all individuals and entities.

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