Master Lease Options are a great tool for acquiring Commercial Real Estate with little to no money down! Even better, you can really help to neutralize the risk of your investment since you are in essence committing to nothing!

Here’s how the Master Lease Option process works:

First you identify an owner of an underperforming Commercial Property who no longer wishes to own or actively manage their property and negotiate with them to put a “Master Lease with an Option to Buy” on the property.

This “Master Lease” in essence lets you control the property for a pre-determined period of time at a lease rate based on the current “under-performing” value. You will also include in your lease the option to buy the property at the expiration of the lease term at a pre-negotiated price based on the current under-performing value.

Then you would apply sound Commercial Real Estate management principles and increase the performance and value of the property, thus increasing its future value. You can even make cash along the way by banking the difference between your lease rate with the owner and your new higher income.

Finally, you can exercise your option to buy the property at what is now a discounted price, because you increased its value, or flip the right to buy the property to somebody else at a premium and keep the difference!

Master Lease Options are a pretty simple strategy that gets great results!

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