J. Scott Scheel is an entrepreneur, founder of multiple national businesses, and a commercial real estate developer and educator. His companies manage over six million square feet of commercial properties across 30 states. He is a self-made entrepreneur whose limitless imagination and determination have driven him to astounding success. His diverse businesses include energy and film production, but his educational entities, Commercial Academy and Scheel Publishing, teach financial and economic literacy to help others achieve their dreams, especially through commercial real estate investing.

In addition to his popularity as a commercial real estate investing mogul, J. Scott is a sought-after international speaker and a well-known thought leader in his industry. He is a two-time Congressional Businessman of the Year, as recognized by the Wall Street Journal, a frequent advisor on investing and finance on Fox Business and Varney & Co., and he has been featured in hundreds of national media and publications, including Forbes, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Business Insider, Resident, Market Watch, etc.

I’m very excited about it. We’ve produced three films so far, and they’ve all won awards. Most recently, we distributed our film called Madtown through Sony Pictures to 19 countries. We’re now producing four new projects: a documentary about the cathedrals of rock-and-roll, a biographical feature film on the life of the world’s most prolific African American motivational speaker, and two fiction-based projects. If there’s one theme that runs to everything that I attempt to do. It is that we look for ways to make people’s lives better, and as I’ve always quoted “It Only Takes One Deal, One Time To Change Your Life Forever.”

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