J. Scott Scheel Proposes MAFDRA as America’s Economic Solution for COVID-19

Q. How are we doing with the MAFDRA?
A. We’re making progress. We’re obviously on excellent programs like yours and we’ve got hundreds of thousands of views on social media. Now it has really started to gain some traction and some buzz! We really don’t know how the country’s going to reopen, we don’t know when folks are going to be able to get back to work. So this really gives them a plan to take charge of their lives and give them some financial security while they wait for the mandates from the epidemiologists, from the government (both on the federal and state level) to resume their lives, their careers, their businesses, and their jobs.
Q. So are you saying, “Well, there’s a pause on the master legislation,” or are you guys still pushing forward full-steam?
A. Oh my goodness, we’re pushing full steam!

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Time for a payment pause for America?

“In the Corona’d States of Today, they tell us we can’t work – but we’re still expected to pay. Rent, mortgage, business loans. Taxes on our homes. This is outrageous as well as mathematically untenable. People who aren’t allowed to work can’t pay.”

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Nation’s Leading Commercial Real Estate Investor And Lecturer Predicts Market Collapse Should Interest Rates Continue To Rise

“J. Scott Scheel, founder and CEO of the Internationally acclaimed Commercial Academy – the training center and educational institution that has prepared over 100,000 students for entrance into the world of commercial real estate investing – issued a grave warning today of impending market collapse should interest rates continue to rise as the Federal Reserve has indicated.”

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MAFDRA legislation would put rent and mortgage payments on hold

“As a result of the lockdown to reduce the impact of the coronavirus, millions of Americans find themselves without a paycheck. That means no money coming in to pay for life’s necessities. That has created a personal financial crisis. Americans are suffering from a virus – recession. The answer may be in real estate investor J. Scott Scheel’s legislation called the Moratorium and Forbearance Debt Relief Act (MAFDRA).”

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