Real Estate Investing can be a powerful investment strategy that includes:

  • Building Equity for the Future
  • Generating Passive Income
  • Providing Cash Flow for Retirement
  • Providing a Hedge Against Inflation
  • Providing Tax Benefits
  • Saving for a College Education
  • Creating Wealth

All of this while indulging your entrepreneurial spirit and benefiting the community. Powerful, right?

But, if you are looking for information on how to invest in residential single family homes, this is not the blog for you. There are lots of great benefits to single family home investing, but lots of drawbacks as well, and commercial real estate investments have tremendous benefits.

What is Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is a term describing the investment of real property (land/buildings) to generate a profit. Commercial real estate comes in many forms including: office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, apartment buildings, and warehouses.

What is so attractive about commercial real estate is that the investment strategy is simple. Commercial real estate property always has an inherent value, because there is always a demand for property in any given area.

Our students create wealth by leasing the property to tenants and by the appreciation in the value of the property over time, all the while benefiting from tax breaks available to commercial real estate investors.

How to Get Started

The Greatest Journey Begins with a Single Step – Lao Tzu

Our founder, J. Scott Scheel, likes to say, “IT ONLY TAKES ONE DEAL, ONE TIME TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.” The best part is that he has proven this over and over again.

Commercial Academy asked some of our most successful students how they got started and what advice they could provide for persons considering commercial real estate. Their comments might surprise you.

Be Transparent: ANYBODY, regardless of income, credit score, knowledge or experience, can find success in commercial real estate. During the intake process, the Commercial Academy team will ask a series of questions to allow them to customize your program and match you up to the right educational experience and circumstances. It only makes sense that a millennial might have different resources, credit scores and needs compared with a person who is near retirement. Commercial Academy works with where you are at and gives you the path that fit your circumstances.

Don’t Be Afraid: The number one reason given for not investing in commercial real estate is fear. We often hear that they were afraid that commercial real estate may be too complex and what they do not know will get them caught in a bad investment. Those are real fears ONLY for those who choose to go AT it alone. The Commercial Academy program is designed to teach you what to look for, and we mentor you through the deals. You enter the arena with decades of commercial real estate investment experience that has verifiable success stories.

Trust the System – It Works: Follow the program, and do the steps that are being asked. Trying to shortcut the system will not get results faster. The Commercial Academy process has been honed and refined over the years and has proven success.

Your Most Important Investment is Time: Participate in the program, and take the time to engage yourself with the teaching modules or the instructors. They have seen it all and can help you identify opportunities and craft deals that work.

Tools – Tools – Tools: The old axiom for real estate investment is Location, Location and Location. Well, what it should also include are the tools. The Commercial Academy proprietary Opportunity Evaluator will help you know how to accurately determine the value of any commercial property and understand which properties to avoid and which to make an offer on.

Attend a Live Session: The online educational platform is phenomenal. It allows you, at your own pace, to learn the process of commercial real estate investment. If you are looking to jump-start that program, we strongly recommend that you attend a live event. A great jumping off point is the Commercial Property Academy that is scheduled for March 1-3 in Orlando Florida.

Find the Program that Fits Your Circumstances: One of the great aspects of the Commercial Academy process is that it can be tailored to fit the needs and circumstances of each person. For those unable to attend a live academy training, Commercial Academy’s online training portal can serve your needs.

Commercial Academy has the right course materials and entry points for any person wishing to learn and invest in commercial real estate.

Some students, especially millennials or those who encountered economic hardship, need a lower entry point. While those who have established careers or are nearing retirement may be better suited for Commercial Academy’s Platinum or Diamond programs, where they can attend special investment conferences and mingle with other students who have achieved success through the program.

Start Today: Don’t procrastinate; start today. If you wait for all the lights to be green before you start on a cross-country journey, you will never begin. The perfect time to start your commercial real estate training is now.