It is finally here, 2019! What is so great about January 1st is that it’s a new beginning. Whatever happened in 2018 is history, and we now have a clean slate to get it right. That seems to be a universal feeling where New Year’s resolutions are made and the commitment is set to make this year the year it will all happen.

The problem with resolutions is that, according to the time management firm Franklin Covey, one third of resolutions don’t make it past the end of January (FranklinCovey). So, how are you going to be the one who can stand by the commitment to make 2019 the best year ever?

Steps to make 2019 Prosperous

Make a Commitment: Don’t put off action on making the plan happen. It is easy to say I will start, but immediately taking concrete steps is the best way to ensure you can look back at the end of the year with pride and satisfaction.

Find a Mentor: If you haven’t achieved financial success, you need to find a person who has been in your situation and found the path to financial freedom. Having a teacher/mentor will reduce the risk of error and shorten the path to success. It is better to learn from someone else’s experience than having to endure it for yourself.

Work the System: It is all about the process and the people. The path to success usually requires learning and implementation of a proven process. Trying to go it alone, or simply trying to figure it out, will not net the best results.

Dedicate the Time: Take your future seriously. Whether you select to engage with Commercial Academy’s online study courses, or attend one of our live events such as our Commercial Property Academy March 1-3, 2019 in Orlando, make the commitment to succeed. You need to carve out and dedicate the time to make it happen. Allow your commitment to success to become a habit. According to research done by the University College of London, it takes at least 2 months “66 days actually” for an activity to become a habit. Make the commitment, then block time on your calendar to move the ball forward every single day.

Give it the Time: Time is our most precious commodity and success takes time. Commercial Academy has a proven process and people to allow you to find financial security. Trust the process, do what is asked, and allow it to work. It does work.

2019 is a new beginning. We at Commercial Academy are also looking at the New Year with renewed anticipation and the commitment to help others achieve financial security.

While the economy has boomed and unemployment was at an all-time low in most of 2018, there are rumblings that we may be heading toward a recession or that other sectors, like the stock market, will have uncertainty. The volatile stock market is clear proof that there will be some economic upheavals in 2019.

In our experience, this is the absolute best time to engage in commercial real estate investment. With economic turmoil also brings opportunities for those who are poised to take advantage of them. Commercial Academy is dedicated to helping those who are seeking financial security. Commercial real estate investment can be a hedge against the volatility of the stock market and allow you to have the confidence of a continued revenue stream.

This is why, Commercial Academy is so excited for all the new training and tools coming in 2019. J. Scott Scheel, who has decades of commercial real estate investment success, has put together programs to allow anyone the ability to learn the process. Our system allows you to learn in the manner that best suits your personal needs. If you’d like to engage with our online tools, attend one of our events, or even join our Platinum or Diamond Investment Group, we have the right program and budget that fits your needs.

Are you ready to have your finest year ever? Are you willing to make the commitment?

J. Scott Scheel and Commercial Academy is ready to help you realize your dreams, contact us today.