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    • 09 Jul 2015


    • 07 Jul 2015


      The European Debt Crisis Visualized

      At the heart of the European debt crisis is the euro, the currency that ties together 18 countries in an intimate manner. So when one country teeters on the brink of financial collapse, the entire continent is at risk. How did such a flawed system come to be? Bloomberg Television and Jonathan Jarvis present “The European Debt Crisis Visualized.” (Source: Bloomberg)

    • 29 Apr 2015


      Finding The Right Market To Invest In (Part 2)

      Trying to find the right market to invest in can be a monumental and confusing task. Remember, the goal of market analysis is to minimize the risk of your investment while maximizing the opportunity for you to earn a higher return. Below is a list of Seven Steps I perform whenever I am looking to invest in any market.

    • 06 Nov 2013


      How Commercial Property Is Valued

      Before you can start trying to acquire a property, it is important to understand how commercial property is valued.After all, how do we know if we are REALLY making money on a commercial property if we don’t know how much the property was worth in the first place?

    • 01 Nov 2013


      Commercial Master Lease Options

      Master Lease Options are a great tool for acquiring Commercial Real Estate with little to no money down! Even better, you can really help to neutralize the risk of your investment since you are in essence committing to nothing!